Lorgar by slaine69 Lorgar by slaine69


Anonymous asked:

Hey, I just wanted to point something out that I noticed. In that picture you posted entitled "Taldeer," you tagged it with "Ulthwe." Thing is, Taldeer was from Biel-Tan, according to the books.


Very true and well spotted! We always found it strange that she is Biel-Tan in the books and Ulthwe in the game. So for the sake of the fan art, we tag her for both :)


ltravrik asked:

Oooooow please tell me you have the Tau working with other races :) like imperial guard, space marines, eldar etc... or even just humans who fight for the greater good <3


We haven’t found any that we liked enough to post, unfortunately! But we’ll keep looking for you :)

Eldrad Ulthran by astarsis86

Ulthwe Farseer by Khaintul

Eldrad Ulthran of Ulthwe by shadowseer66